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Sept. 7, 2015 KSPN2 News Part 1

A FAMILY OF FOUR IS STRUCK CROSSING BEACH ROAD IN CHALAN KANOA SATURDAY NIGHT.  Police say the family was crossing the road on a marked crosswalk when they were struck by a 31-year-old female driverin a Toyota Solara sedan.

TINIAN DYNASTY CLOSURE MAY NOT BE SO IMMINENT AFTER ALL.  During the investigation process, the Gaming Commission says Chinese Strategic Holdings has the option of a temporary casino license and so the Dynasty can reopen by mid-October.

ONE MAN MAKES HIS WAY THROUGH MICRONESIA TO HELP IN THIS TYPHOON SEASON.  Harry Spike Speicher is from Pennsylvania but is now living in Micronesia.  He recently worked in Chuuk for the last few months with line restoration from Typhoon Maysak damage.  He's now on Saipan coordinating help with linecrews arriving from Yap, Kosrae, Guam and Palau.